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Ireland is always chilly even in the summertime so bring a thick sweater (extra warmth if its a turtleneck). Don’t go overboard, we are trying to keep this trip minimal. All you need is a good wool sweater, a scarf and a raincoat to have the greatest day of your life, I promise. 


You will spend time in the pubs. Even if you’ve got wee ones with ye 😏 pubs are usually nice and toasty so the key to Ireland, as in most places, is layers.

  • Bring a nice coat
  • Your trusty sweater
  • Maybe wear a tee or a long sleeve under the sweater to shed into when you decide to have the locals teach you the Irish jig. 

I bring an adventure pair of jeans, a distressed madewell or nice pair of jeans (depending on what I’m doing), a pair of black leggings and that’s it for pants.

Seriously you don’t need anything else.

If you don’t want to sleep in your leggings bring a pair of pajama pants but that’s ALL you need. No matter if you’re visiting for a week or three. If for some reason I have steered you wrong you can hop into Penny’s and grab another pair for €8. 

Remember how I told you it’s cold in the kingdom? That means usually you have so many layers on nobody sees what you’re wearing except your coat. Especially if you’ve got a scarf on too. That’s why you don’t need more than one good sweater because nobody cares if you wear it 5 days in a row. So I take up the rest of my space in my handy dandy packing cubes for roughly

  • A thin sweater
  • Two tees
  • Three long sleeve tees
  • Two tank tops, all in neutral colors.
  • Cozy wool socks

Seriously I bring two white tees in short and long sleeve so that’s four total for white; a black long and short sleeve, a striped black and white tee, maybe my green v-neck and a thin sweater, usually grey.

Everything I bring is either white, cream, green, black, grey or brown. They all mix together they all look great with my coat and my rain jacket. They all match my shoes. It’s so easy. 


Now that I brought up the idea of shoes…. This is my hardest category. I am a shoe queen, more specifically a boot queen. There is no where more ideal for cute boots than the Emerald Isle.

So here is how I fix my addiction: biggest most irritating boots to pack are what I wear on the plane and through the airport for each flight. That way I don’t have to worry about making room for them in my luggage.

  • I have taken a different boot on each trip to help my hoarding. They’ve all gotten equal opportunity to stomp around our peninsula. My Sperry duckboots were great but they did give me nasty blisters. Which Dermot of course sent me to the sea to soak in true Irish dad fashion.
  • My Sorel Slim Pack were my favorite, as always, since they are the cutest ever, keep my feet warm and they are incredibly comfortable.
  • My third trip I wore the always original refined Hunter Rainboots in black. Now, I understand that everyone is obsessed with their Hunters but I just don’t really get it. They are heavy on my feet, which is awful for really traveling. They made my circulation awful for takeoff and made my feet really sore for the entire trip, since they are only rubber they weren’t very warm. They are however, really really cute.
  • My last trip was my easiest pair but not really my most stylish. The Sorel Out n About duck boot in brown. I think they are super cute especially sitting on the shelf. But looking back in photos I think they look a little funky. They are however, totally rainproof, comfortable, and since they are short I didn’t even have to wear them on the plane.
  • I wore my cute little New Balance sneakers since I could shove the boots in my Away carry on. 
  • I always bring my Sorel booties for going out or to nice places in. They are short, slip proof and waterproof but the slit down the side makes them a little more chic. I really love them. I wear them all the time.
  • And my Crocs sandals for any sketchy shower time and if we get lucky with some sunny weather.
  • I’ve also brought my Birkenstock’s with me in the past and I love them so so dearly but they are bulky as far as ease of packing goes so I opted for the crocs to replace them.  

I know that feels like a lot to talk about in the shoe category but they are the most important. If your feet are too sore to adventure than what’s the point in going?

Hair and Beauty

What kind of world would we be in if I didn’t mention hair care? Now I’ve read a lot of travel packing info that preaches to not bother with your hair at all, “don’t bring a hot tool or a blow dryer because you won’t be bothered to use them anyways”. Now this is true but only to an extent.

I always bring my curling iron because if I let my hair do it’s thing naturally it would be a hot mess. But I don’t bring a straighter only a curling iron, I wash my hair every four or five days and just use it if I need to fix a spot otherwise I just use dry shampoo.

If you have long hair you can nix the heating tool and just braid your hair everyday, that’s what I used to do. I don’t bring a hair dryer with me because almost every place we’ve ever stayed has provided one for me. I bring this tiny Conair hair brush, a clip, and some clear rubber bands. 

As far as makeup goes everyone is different. I can promise though that in Ireland nobody cares. I bring a foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara and eyeliner. Along with a foundation brush and a brush that I can throw bronzer and blush on with. That’s it and most days I don’t even bother to put it on. 

I bring a handful of converters for my chargers and curling iron, my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and a notebook. A razor, Dr. Bronners soap (I use it as my body AND face wash, it’s the best), Cetaphil moisturizer, toothpaste and a toothbrush. That’s it. 

Since you’ve made it this far, I know you’re taking this whole packing thing seriously so head over to our airplane snacks packing list for some yummy inspiration!


with love,

tala tillery

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