Five things to love about Ireland


If you’ve spent any time at all on or on our Insta you know that we have a serious love affair with the Emerald Isle. 

To tell you the truth I wasn’t very excited for my first trip to Ireland I thought that six days was far too long to spend in one country when I had all of Europe to conquer, boy was I wrong. We’ve been in Ireland a collective total of 36 days and we still have only scratched the surface of what this beautiful country has to offer. (That total does not reflect the five months that Niki studied abroad in Cork)

The feeling of home

I cannot describe to you the feeling when my feet touch ground in Ireland. It is my home, my soul’s home. It is such a difficult emotion to put into words because it is so real but it sounds silly to people who have never felt that sort of connection to a place. Our grandmother’s DNA results indicate she is 78% Irish so maybe that is why we feel its pull so strongly. Its as if our ancestors are telling us through the ground that we belong right where we are standing.

The people

The Irish themselves are a huge part of why it feels so much like home. My best advice to any of you is to slow down. If you stay in one place longer than 24 hours you will start connecting to the people around you. And let me just tell you the Irish are easily the kindest most genuine people you might ever come across. It is absolutely in your best interest to try and get to know the locals. Of course the Irish accent will be music to your ears.

The sheer beauty

Everyone goes to Ireland for its breathtaking shades of green. No one is prepared for just how green it actually is though until they see it through their own eyes. I don’t care how spectacular the photography you’ve seen is there is nothing like looking through the lens of your own eyes. From the rolling hills and the brutal coastline to the sweetest cottages. All of it is surreal, all of it is breathtaking and you never ever get tired of it. 

If you are planning a trip we really recommend the Dingle Peninsula, here is our Dingle Bucket List!

The craic 

Craic means fun in Irish and nobody knows fun like a pub full of Irishmen! The best part of Ireland is that whether you are hiking the coastline or sitting by a fire in a cozy pub you will be having the best time of your life. The craic in Ireland is absolutely contagious, everything you do is a good time. To be bored is to have fun because the most mundane things feels so wonderful there. 


Okay a lot of you will probably disagree BUT once I got over the sheer terror of driving on the wrong side of the road, and dreading every time a roundabout would appear in the GPS directions. I found a love for the ease of rolling through to the next turn not having to stop at a stop sign for every intersection. It is so much more efficient! I find myself always wishing certain intersections at home were roundabouts now.

If this post got you wishing to visit Ireland head over to this post to see our packing list!

Five reasons to visit Ireland

with love,

tala tillery

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