Yes, a rental car costs a lot more than taking a tour bus or using public transportation. BUT I cannot begin to explain the amazing places we have found because we had the freedom of our own vehicle. I don’t think Ireland would have the place in my heart that it does if my sister […]


Feb 3, 2019

If you haven’t used Airbnb yet, do yourself a favor and sign up! The entire reason Nicolette and I get away with traveling as often as we do is because Airbnb makes it so affordable. We’ve shared apartments in Edinburgh, booked a house set in the cliffs of Capri (Sophia Loren’s house was next door), […]

The cost of buying snacks on an airplane or even in an airport is too high. I make sure to pack an arsenal of goodies in my personal item, especially for long-haul flights. As long as you don’t bring liquids through TSA you can bring any snacks you want! Here are my favorites! is […]

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