Brandon Creek, Dingle Peninsula Ireland County Kerry

The world we live in today is full of self-proclaimed travel experts. People who have been to X amount of countries and have a curated feed of photos to show off. What they don’t have are real, authentic stories and experiences from their wanderings.

Local Heart

When you travel to new places do you want to walk around for an hour, taking a burst of photos to check off your list? That’s not our idea of traveling, that’s sightseeing. We want to leave a place different than the person we were when we arrived. We want to become a part of an adventure. 

When wandering around you have to stop rushing from place to place. Don’t schedule two days or 24 hours in a city because you want to jam pack as many places in one trip as you can. That’s a fast track to exhaustion.

Instead, give yourself four days on a Peninsula in the Wild West of Ireland.

Plant yourself in the corner of a pub until the locals forget you’re a tourist.

Sit on a sea-foam soaked cliff and listen to the ocean scream; feel the wind pull your hair.

Have genuine conversations with the mom sitting on the park bench overlooking the harbor.

Ask your waiter for directions, end up at his pub and become a part of the family.

Go to the same coffee shop every morning until the staff mistakes you for a regular.

When you travel you have to immerse yourself among the people and their culture. Don’t politely observe local customs, jump in.

You will learn so much not only about the world around you but about yourself. Our mission for the Chronicles of Rylan is to inspire all of you to find the Local Heart of every place you go. 

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